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I am Mihaela.

I enjoy nature and love life

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Because I aim to deliver the best email that you get every month. I want to inspire and motivate you to improve your skills as human models for children. I combine parenting tools with Quantum Human Design.

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I respect your time! I won’t keep you long, I want you to spend time with your kids longer! My essays will provide a brief, yet complete perspective on life without/with/around children, to add valuable insights to your growth as a parent. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and everything in between are welcomed to this community of love for children.

Your subscription will give me the chance to share my passion, experience, knowledge, and words of wisdom for more conscious parenting. There is no correct way to parent. Your way is the best way. It is not an easy task, it is a full-time job that requires 24/7 on-call duties.

I am here to give a round of applause to all parents.

I want to remind you that you are the best parent for your child.

I thank you for being brave, involved, and curious to read about ideas, inspiring stories, and some tools to try, to apply with your sweethearts. A child should come into this world with an instruction book because we can’t possibly read all the data on how to raise children. Smile! That’s why I am super excited to bring into this field of interest the best I accumulated over the years. I have so much to share, I wish I had a hundred posts at once! With patience and love, only letter by letter will take me to a thousand newsletters.

My goal is to help you implement the right beliefs into your children’s minds. It’s proven that the power of the right beliefs creates heaven on Earth.

Bruce Lipton says:

I can’t have enough of this quote. Take a minute, re-read his words, chew on the essence of them, and meditate on that dream-like world. I believe it is possible. First, we have to work with ourselves to break free from the cage we grew up in, then teach our children what freedom is. We are generations of hurt, controlled, limited people and our inner child needs healing.

Children come into our life because we need them. Yes, they come here for you. Where are those instructions? Yes, smile! The instructions are in their subconscious mind. Children come into this world to create unforgettable experiences, for a life worth living. We just have to trust that they know what they are doing. They are not our puppets to play with, to make us happy, or do what we say.

Children are here to be happy playing life and dance in their own rhythms.

Let’s support them the best we can. Parenting is never perfect, we don’t want it to be. It would be boring. Challenges and actions make us feel alive, capable to figure things out, and feel satisfaction that we live life the best we can.

We can program our children to believe in their power to create the life they want.

Join a community where we share thoughts, ideas, opinions, stories to learn from…

You are awesome!

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I am a fun, loving, and loved woman. Kids are my favorite humans. I speak for them. I remind parents that they are the best for their children. If my stories will help one person, one day, on that (hard)moment... I call it a success.